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The Solution For Non-Traditional Lending

Introducing our Self-Employed Program which is designed for self-employed individuals who have difficulties qualifying through traditional lending such as Conventional and FHA programs.  This is an alternative solution to simplify the process of getting approved for your financial goals and needs.  Allow us to help you regain your financial leverage.

The Self-Employed Program is a great option for borrowers with unique financial circumstances including:

  • Lending up to $3,000,000 Loan Amount for 1-4 unit residential properties.
  • Self-employed and not showing a great amount of income on the tax returns. No 4506T Required!
  • Reserve/ Savings Funds can help offset high debt to income ratios. Personal & Business Bank Statement deposits can be used as Income for qualifying purposes.
  • No Income? Entire loan balance can be qualified with 100% of Liquid Assets.
  • Bad credit due to the downfall of the mortgage crisis. 500 + Fico Score for Owner Occupied & Non-Owner Occupied properties.
  • Lending to a Foreign National is now made easy with no pre-payment penalties. 7/1 ARM with Loan Amounts up to $2,000,000. No Income Verification – No Reserves Required.
  • 1 day out of Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and Short Sale.
  • Stated Income options available

What the Self-Employed Program does is give lenders options to borrowers that obviously qualify for a mortgage but are not considered a good candidate to lend to under Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA guidelines.

To put it simply, lenders are given an opportunity to provide the Self-Employed Program to people that do not fit the traditional mold of financing as long as each borrower has been qualified with the ability to repay their mortgage.

Got questions?  Give us a call! One of our mortgage bankers would be happy to answer all of your questions and get you started pre-qualified for the Self-Employed Program today!

Tailoring Your Goals Through Seamless Financing

  • Providing Quality Service through Education, GNC Capital will empower you with knowledge to make the best mortgage decisions.
  • Through GNC Capital, you will enjoy the experience of having loan options tailored specifically for you financial needs.
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