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At GNC Capital we come across all different types of financial scenarios from our clients. Through our years of experience we would like to share some of the different types of mortgage loans that we were able to fund for our clients.

Client 1

  • Real estate investor was declined by his 20 year local merchant bank relationship
  • Real estate investor looking for a refinance cash out to purchase an additional property
  • Using 24 months business bank statements as income
  • Manage to obtain $400,000 cash out

Client 2

  • Same client using the refinance cash out to purchase a duplex
  • Using only current rental income from the duplex to qualify
  • Middle score is 715
  • $650,000 loan amount at 75% LTV

Client 3

  • Refinance cash out to pay off all debts
  • In addition to W2 income, 24 months personal bank statements were used to qualify
  • $500,000 loan amount at 70% LTV
  • Middle score is 590

Client 4

  • Purchase on a rural property that is a 29 acre dual lot in Beaumont, CA
  • Used both business and personal bank statements to qualify
  • 80% LTV with 20% gift as a down payment
  • Middle score is 620

Client 5

  • Recent flipped home, purchased for $300,000 4 months ago
  • $50,000 worth of improvements
  • Current value is $500,000
  • Refinance for 70% LTV of current value
  • Stated Income with 550 middle score

Some of our past funded loan scenarios may relate to some of your own financial situations.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on how GNC Capital could help you.

Tailoring Your Goals Through Seamless Financing

  • Providing Quality Service through Education, GNC Capital will empower you with knowledge to make the best mortgage decisions.
  • Through GNC Capital, you will enjoy the experience of have loan options tailored specifically for you financial needs.
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